Update on Carbon Removal Credit (CRC) airdrop

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4 min readDec 30, 2021


a Certificate of Carbon Removal (CCR) is a unique NFT that is minted whenever CRC is claimed/retired

We have some exciting news and an apology for the delays. We are sorry to report that the anticipated airdrop of the first Carbon Removal Credits (CRC) has been moved to January 2022. And apologize for saying in our last update that the next time you heard from us we would have it finished. We didn’t get everything done yet.

We have been testing out contracts and workflows on Volta testnet:
and found things we need to improve.

To ensure the most transparent and accountable system for tracking the lifecycle of CRC from issuances to retirements(Certificate of Carbon Removal (CCR)) when someone claims them for sustainability reporting we have to make sure that the first time we officially launch the CRC contract on mainnet it is perfect.

And to streamline the future airdropping of CRC to CO2 Removal Bonds (CRB) holders we are re-minting CRB as ERC721.

GreenSea UI displays wallets correct balance of 303 CRB ERC1155

We made a mistake issuing CRB as ERC1155, there are features of ERC1155 that we were interested in, but due to limiting factors when it comes to tracking individual CRB and lack of wallet and Metamask support for ERC1155's we have decided to transition to ERC721 for CRB.

Same wallet as above has 303 CRB REC1155 but Metamask shows 0

To help our customers and us better be able to manage and track CRB in Blockchain Explorers, Metamask, and other wallets. And allow us to have better control and more transparency in airdropping of CRC to holders of CRB moving forward.

What does this all mean to current CRB holders you may be thinking. Well, we apologize but it means you will need to swap your ERC1155 CRB for the new ERC721 CRB.

Also when you do the swap you will also be getting your first CRC when using the swap contract, so for example you will be swapping CRB ERC1155 for CRB ERC721 + an equal number of CRC ERC20.

So if you had 10 old CRB and used the swap contract you would get back 10 new CRB and 10 CRC back.

But, wait there is more! Ready for the exciting news? CRB holders will also be the first ones getting access to CarbonLand DAO governance tokens when swapping their old CRB for new, receiving 100 CarbonLand DAO governance tokens for each old CRB swapped.

To further decentralize and bring more value and more opportunities to the community we have started developing CarbonLand DAO with a goal of becoming one of the largest holders of conserved forestlands, and the first decentralized parks program. More info coming in our next update!

CarbonLand DAO governance token holders will have power to vote where forestlands are purchased to add to CarbonLand DAO’s vault. Also governance token holders will have the opportunities to stake their governance tokens in prize pools where they can win Passes(NFTs) to visit protected forests in the vault, and win Tickets(NFTs) to special nature based vacations.

Imagine knowing that the CarbonLand DAO governance tokens you hold are connected to real forests that you were a part of protecting, and that one of the benefits you get from staking CarbonLand DAO governance tokens is chances to win unique trips to visit and spend time in the forests that you helped protect for future generations.

Stay tuned for our next update that will included a link and instructions for swapping CRB ERC1155 for ( CRB ERC721 + CRC ERC20 + CLD ERC20 )
the swap contract will remain open until all CRB ERC1155 in circulation is swapped for the new ERC721 version. Again we apologize for the inconvenience this caused. Be ensured though after this swap you will have more wallet friendly CRB, and be receiving your first CRC, and getting a bonus the first public access to CarbonLand DAO governance tokens.

Thank you for your patience! And remember you are part of one of the most innovative things happening in the voluntary carbon markets!!!

P.S. to say thank you to our earliest supporters, anyone holding a EnergyWeb Doge NFT will be getting airdropped 22 CarbonLand DAO governance tokens sometime in January 2022.



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