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Contract for Carbon Removal Credits(CCRC)

How we did in 2022

Twenty Twenty Two was a year of major progress and setbacks on the development of Carbonland Trust’s conservation protocol and carbon credit registry built on Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT). Over $350,000 was spent on R&D to design and develop a Carbon Credit Registry using DLT with the latest standards for token taxonomy for interoperability in the future carbon markets.

Countless hours have been spent researching the current methods used today for MRV and learning about the newest innovative ways to measure, report, and validate the integrity of carbon credits.

“Carbonland Trust brings modern Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying (MRV) methods to carbon credits. The company uses drones and imaging technology to monitor preserved forest land, quantify carbon mass and determine the appropriate number of carbon credits using AI, and then issue these credits as traceable NFTs on the XRPL. This novel approach enables forest owners to enter the voluntary carbon market quickly and more affordably, protecting land by helping to finance the costs involved with creating a conservation easement.”

Our mission from the beginning was to create a way for all landowners who are interested in long term conservation of forest land and the protection of biodiversity to have easier access to the voluntary carbon markets to fund regenerative stewardship and support growing old growth trees.

While at the same time bringing more transparency to a carbon credits lifecycle, and increasing the Nature Positive ROI that carbon credit buyers get from carbon credits. We are on track to deliver on that mission in 2023.

New Team Members Coming Onboard

During 2022 we were working hard on finding subject matter experts to join Carbonland Trust’s executive leadership team, board of directors, and MRV advisory counsel. In QTR1 of 2023 Carbonland Trust will become a registered 501c3 and an official land trust that can legally hold conservation easements.

The forming team are experts in climate policy, conservation, and new carbon accounting methods. With their years of experience in industries related to carbon markets, and advising help of a legal expert in land trusts we are in final stages to file organizational documents for 501c3 status for Carbonland Trust at the beginning of 2023.

What the carbon market is doing

Recently the carbon trading markets(mandatory and voluntary) globally saw huge gains in trading volumes, and growing demand for high quality carbon sequestering projects.

“the price of carbon shot up so dramatically in 2021 (primarily in Europe, the world’s biggest emission trading system by traded value, but also in all other carbon markets) that we ran out of superlatives and ways to express the relative magnitude of this growth” … “surging prices, combined with a modest rise in volume, led to a record high turnover of €760 billion. That represents a 164 percent increase from the €289 billion realised in 2020”

Also COP15 was a major win for nature, and for the value proposition of Carbonland Trust’s carbon credits. Many brands and orgs committed to protecting biodiversity and protecting 30% of land by 2030.

Carbonland Trust’s carbon credits are one of the best ways to reach that goal since Carbonland Trust carbon credits support biodiverse forest land being enrolled into perpetual conservation to become old growth ecosystems. We don’t know of any other carbon credit on the market today that can match the Nature Positive impact that Carbonland Trust’ carbon credits have.

“More than 330 business and finance institutions, with combined revenues of more than $1.5 trillion, including Aviva Investors, BNP Paribas, Danone, FirstRand, GSK, H&M Group, Holcim, IKEA, Mahindra Group, McCain Foods, Natura &Co, Nestlé, Rabobank, Roche, Sintesa Group, Sainsbury’s, Salesforce, Sony Group Corporation, Tata Steel, Unilever and Yara, today urge Heads of State to move beyond voluntary actions, ‘transform the rules of the economic game and require business to act now’ to halt and reverse biodiversity loss at the UN Biodiversity Conference (CBD COP15) in Montreal 7–19 December 2022.”

“Delegates committed to protecting 30% of land and 30% of coastal and marine areas by 2030, fulfilling the deal’s highest-profile goal, known as 30-by-30. Indigenous and traditional territories will also count toward this goal, as many countries and campaigners pushed for during the talks. The deal also aspires to restore 30% of degraded lands and waters throughout the decade, up from an earlier aim of 20%. Signatories aim to ensure $200 billion per year is channelled to conservation initiatives, from public and private sources. Wealthier countries should contribute at least $20 billion of this every year by 2025, and at least $30 billion a year by 2030.”

Where Carbonland Trust is headed in 2023

In January 2023 a smart contract will go live for swapping the first issue “CO2 Removal Bonds”(ERC1155) NFTs for new “Contracts for Carbon Removal Credits”(ERC721) NFT. Due to the fact that the first NFTs never delivered Carbon Removal Credits(CRC) to holders, because the pilot project MRV and legal costs went way over budget and timeline.

Also another reason for the swap is the old ERC1155 NFTs are not as easily accountable as ECR721 NFTs for distributions of CRC. Additionally, Carbonland Trust has gone through a major rebranding process so old NFTs don’t match the current organization logo. Most importantly though it is because the old NFTs are out of sync with the distribution schedule of CRC that they represent.

If you are holding this Energy Web Chain ERC1155 0x899E50Fa4c6395225b6414fb543e3782FE49D829 “CO2 Removal Bond” please visit this page to signup to receive a notification when the swap contract goes live. Or you can follow our Twitter or Medium for the announcement when swap contract goes live.

You will have the choice to swap your Energy Web Chain ERC1155 NFT for EWC ERC721 NFT, or for a XRP Ledger XLS20 NFT. Please visit the link to sign up to be notified when you can swap to ensure you get updates.

The MRV process, carbon quantification methodology, and legal conservation easement for the pilot project will be finished during 1st QTR of 2023 best case scenario, QTR2 if we have some more setbacks, the expected first CRC issuance is expected in early QTR2 2023.

During the first half of 2023 Carbonland Trust’s DLT Carbon Credit Registry will be on XRP Ledger mainnet. And we will be doing a Private Alpha with a small group of landowners to refine the onboarding process, and issue CRC from Alpha projects before opening the platform to all landowners.

During the Private Alpha we will ensure we understand all the questions landowners have about the enrollment process and perpetual conservation easement requirements. This customer feedback from a small batch of users during the Private Alpha will help us make the public version more user friendly and streamlined.

We are planning to do this private Alpha with 9 to 12 landowners from across the globe starting in QTR1 2023. We have a few more spots left if you own forest land and are interested in perpetual conservation and selling carbon credits from protected trees you should sign up to learn more by visiting and clicking “Landowner” button.

There is no commitment required to enroll into Carbonland Trust’s Protocol during the Private Alpha, but we ask that enrollment in the perpetual conservation easement is something you are seriously considering to be able to take part in the Alpha.

Even if you are not selected for the Private Alpha, landowners that signed up will be the next in line to use Carbonland Trust and get concierge service when we launch publicly.

We are really looking forward to finally launching Carbonland Trust’s Registry and issuing Carbon Removal Credits(CRC) from forest land that is being enrolled into perpetual conservation. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates in 2023 by joining our newsletter, or following us here on Medium.



CarbonLand Trust ESG NFTs

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