CO2 Removal Bonds (CRB) yield Carbon Removal Credits (CRC)

CarbonLand Trust issues digital assets that represent carbon removal credits from forest land that has been conserved for the purpose of sequestering CO2. CarbonLand Trust NFTs have ESG benefits built-in and are the only NFTs that are removing carbon dioxide and protecting forests for future generations to enjoy.

CarbonLand Trust offers high quality verifiable Carbon Removal Credits and unique outdoor experiences. Our ESG NFTs issuing platform provides landowners with economic opportunities to make money conserving forests, and offering buyers in the voluntary carbon market the highest quality forest preserving credits.

The global carbon market grew 20% to $272 billion in…

Carbon Removal Credit (CRC)

CO2 Removal Credit (CRC)
Claimable for Offset Reporting

CO2 Removal Credits (CRC) is a token representing 1 ton of carbon removal. CRC is issued based on MRV data of forest lands represented by CarbonLand Trust Forest Conservation NFTs. CO2 Removal Credits are airdropped to holders of CO2 Bonded NFTs based on the terms of the bond and amount of bonds a wallet is holding.

CO2 Removal Credit:

  • Buy or Sell on CarbonSwap or open market DEX
  • Farm by holding CO2 Removal Bonds, when you have bonds in your wallet you will receive airdrops of CRC based on the terms
  • Claim, redeem CRC to use to offset your CO2

CarbonLand Trust ESG NFTs

CarbonLand Trust offers #ESG digital assets like #CO2Removal Bonds & #ForestConservation #NFTs. Were are making #DeFi solutions for the voluntary carbon markets

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